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Hello dears!

Posted on 2010.07.19 at 17:45
Just a very short note to let you all know - you are herewith invited to my retirement party!

In another ninety years or so.

New Indian Wizarding laws now state that witches can retire at any ruddy age they like, just like wizards. About time too.

Lots of love,
V x


Locked to Padma and Valerius

Posted on 2006.12.27 at 22:39
My dears,

We expected to see both of you this British Christmas and we have not heard one word. Valerius, Toyah in particular is most upset. What should I tell her?

Fretting not a little,


I suppose it's about time I updated this thing.

Posted on 2006.02.27 at 21:12
Current Mood: quixoticquixotic
Locked to those few on my internet journal "friends" list.

I've been experimenting with the security protocol on this machine and have discovered that it's possible to ward it so that only specific readers can view the entries, but I can't actually ward it against particular people and let unnamed others see it. Interesting, and probably just as well. One never knows who might be reading.

This is, apparently, safe.

I don't have much to report lately, however. Just that my sister, her husband and my smallest niece and I are all well. Although Vaipuri has begun one of her Diets which means she will be depriving herself of all the foods she likes, driving us up the wall for two weeks with lies about how good she feels and how fat I am, and then one evening the entire contents of the pantry will mysteriously disappear and suddenly we aren't allowed to talk about Diets again for another year.

I sincerely hope that you are all enjoying good health.

~ Vaishali

Vaishali photo

Merriment, of a sort.

Posted on 2005.11.04 at 00:25
It's astonishing how Muggles deal with travel.
I had my first ever journey by Muggle transportation last week.
Since my brother-in-law's brother married a Muggle, I've always considered myself very well-up on the way their habits differ from ours, and Gita is a lovely girl, even though Vaipuri won't speak to her full of useful information. And let's face it, a mango is a mango, whichever stall you buy it from. I do have to remember to use rupia and not sikels and I imagine I get quite taken for a ride but there you go, you can't have everything, not even a bargain. But I didn't type here to talk about mangos or markets, but Muggles and their hvaaijahaza, or aeroplanes.
What a lovely-sounding word that is. Aer-oh-plane. I had visions of something like a sailing ship, gliding across the clouds.
The reality was a long and bewildering wait in somewhere called a "departure lounge", followed by a distressingly long queue to walk down an echoing metal tube into an echoing metal birdlike structure. Inside the aeroplane, things did not improve. What a small space one is expected to sit in for hours! I know they can't make space work as we can, but surely a few more inches side by side would prevent unnecessary familiarities from taking place!
And why did I have to travel by aeroplane, I hear you ask?
I'd been looking forward to spending some time without responsibility. With Paresh in Munnar, I don't have to keep so close an eye on Pari, not to mention Vaipuri who has, as predicted, tired of "dealing with" the tea business. The woman has gone entirely off her head, but how can we say anything? The death of Payod hit us all very hard. A mother is quite entitled to dye tear out her hair and henna wring her hands, after all. Anyway, I have been on a short holiday across Europe, and took it upon myself to visit Britain. If it hadn't been for a sudden hankering to visit Gita, I wouldn't have gone, there was scant chance of seeing one of my other nieces! England might be a small country but it still has a lot of people in it, and of course I don't know where either of them are staying! But, I had a marvellous few hours, walking along Blackpool pier and the beach, and eating candyfloss and generally gossipping. Gita and her husband are quite at home in the Muggle areas of the town, and it's a lot safer of course since the problems began over here. I knew of the unrest of course, before I came over. But I'm a capable witch and I've a ready arm.
And so I prepared to depart. Oh dear. There were a few problems. I could not return to France by Apparition. I tried Spain, to no avail. Germany also proved impossible.
Without a clue as to what was going on, and loath to investigate, I appealed to Gita for a possible solution. She drove me - in a car! - to the airport.

The aeroplane journey was very strange, although the company was very pleasant, I must say. A lovely girl returning home after a holiday, who seemed to be having some difficulty with her straps. Since I'd spent a good amount of time working out how to make them work, I was happy to help her, and in return she gave me a gift of some dried fruit she had brought with her! What a lovely person. I shall have to tell Vaipuri, who thinks the only decent Muggle is ...well, I shan't say. The woman is cracked, I say. Cracked.



Posted on 2005.10.16 at 20:09
Vaipuri has taken it upon herself to assist with the tea business.
This means - as she's got a perfect right to do so - we will all be poor by next month.

However, I am not too worried. In about half an hour she will be tired of it, and I will spend the next two weeks undoing all the damage she's done.
It won't be the first time.

To update the recent events affecting this domestic paradise...

Paresh has unexpectedly returned from London, with news that his house there is uninhabitable. "Doxy?" I asked, when he told me about it over a cup of chai. "Death Eater," he replied, looking out over the tea fields.

So that's that. He's living here now, which news gave Pari unalloyed delight, and Vaipuri an attack of theatrics.
I do wish Auntie was alive. There was something about her dithering which always calmed me down.

Ah, and how could I forget? Padma's fallen in love! Yes, the letter (three weeks ago) distinctly said so, only she wouldn't say who. Tantalising me with an almost bouncy letter and giving me no name. Ah, but I, having spoken with Paresh (who has met him) now know who it is! I shall wait for Padma to spill the beans, since she evidently didn't wish to tell me his name. Not that I mind, as long as she's happy. I went out and celebrated on her behalf in Jaipur and a terribly fascinating time was had by all, particularly by young Sulti Bahmra who might well dance like a mop but who can complain when his eyes are glowing like that?

We're not to have all my nieces for company, as it happens. Dear Parvati has an inclination to remain at this safe house with her beloved Nerbil. I'm sure that's wrong. Nervil? Something like that. And Padma isn't to be plucked from the Visconti boy's side.

Ah, young love.
I almost miss it.


Is this thing switched ON?

Posted on 2005.09.11 at 15:55
Locked to my dear nieces.
Padma! Parvati!

Are you coming to us, my darlings? Your father has assured me that you will, once he has returned from Turkey where he is sorting out a major dispute between ... someone and some goblins, I imagine.
I long to see you both, and never a day goes past when you are not in my thoughts.

Minister Bhadrashree Bhagirath has been cutting down on staff, and since I have a small niece to spend lots of lovely time with, I have accepted voluntary retirement. My, how old that makes me sound!
Your mother is as usual being extremely irritating and I have to sit on my hands to prevent myself from hexing her - she clearly thinks she is doing nothing wrong, as surely the karmic damage she is doing to herself is painfully obvious. I will do all I can to stop her from interfering but you might as well try and prevent the Monsoon from coming! very well, and will write to you both soon.

Your loving Auntie,
V xx



Posted on 2005.08.29 at 04:38
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
I just logged on to scream, really.
Really, really quietly, because I don't want Pari to hear.

My sister is the biggest bitch in the entire world, and I don't understand why Paresh thinks she'll be fine out of hospital.
She is NOT.
She is driving me. Slowly. Up. The. Wall.

That is all.



Posted on 2005.06.17 at 06:53
Vaipuri is a BITCH.

Posted on 2005.02.18 at 00:43
Current Mood: sadsad
Aunt Gurpreet's gone.

Just like that...in her sleep, after an afternoon nap. Muttering away about poisoning my uncle, who's been dead by elephant for years.

I'll see you again, auntie. Namaste.



Posted on 2005.01.27 at 02:03
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Dear me, has it really been over a month since I used this journal?
So much has happened, too much really to make a public entry. Such a terrible tragedy befell darling Padmila, who was kidnapped and from my brother's home at that - and taken to some vile dungeon for days on end before the clever Aurors at the British Ministry found her and restored her back to us!
That man who took her is going to pay dearly. Karma will always have the final word.
It may take its time, but destiny is a thorough and unbending judge.

We have dear Pari here with us at the moment, while Paresh deals with a collosal cock-up at the Jaipur branch of Gringotts. And not a cock-up of the pleasant kind, either.
I say "we" for I am, at the moment, with Aunt Gurpreet. Completely doolally, bless her. She does keep on about my uncle, clearly insulted that she did not have the opportunity of paying him back for his violence. (there is proof that one must never succumb to the addiction of muggle alcohol - especially Gin.) But what have I been saying about Karma? The elephant which trampled him to a pulp was obviously a vehicle of destiny!

Perhaps she should seek him out in his current incarnation. I am sure I saw a rat about here somewhere.

They say that "Sorrow for the death of a father lasts six months; sorrow for a mother, a year; sorrow for a wife, until another wife; sorrow for a son, forever." I would not necessarily agree with that at all, but sorrow for the death of a stupid, sodden drunk of a husband should only last until the morning comes and one can buy mangoes at the market.

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